Suhogradnja -

Suhogradnja from Riccardo Bertoni on Vimeo.

Project: - Suhogradnja

Production: NoVa Film/Video
Host/narrator: Vinko Zupančič
Director/producer: Riccardo Bertoni
Screenplay: Eda Benčič Mohar, Vinko Zupančič
Photography: Riccardo Bertoni -
Location sound recordist: Marko Žigon -
Voice-over production: Studio Panorama -
Post-production & mastering: NoVa Film/Video

Cranston - "2nd Movement"
Jahzzar - "Heartbreaker"
Jahzzar - "I need"
Jahzzar - "Two days"

© NoVa Film/Video & ZZVKDS - 2011 

RED Scarlet-X #777 "Trinity" (tbu)

The camera arrived almost a month ago, unfortunately I've been very busy with the post-production of "Dry Stone Walling" to test it properly. A few days ago I had a chance to try out the (electronically controlled) aluminium Canon mount. Here's a still (@ 2K) pulled from a 4K r3d file (24fps, 1/48 shutter, RC 6:1)

(click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)

Quick grade in REDCine-X 10 beta
 Canon 35mm L series f/1,4 @ 1,4, iso800, RC2,RG2

That's it for now, I'll update this post with some short clips ASAP.

A special thanks to Martina Kofol (please check her work @ for providing the Canon L series set and to Sebastian Pelan ( for the assistance on the shoot.

UPDATE: Here's a quick ND filtration test I did today (03/09/12)

Camera - Scarlet-X 777 "Trinity"

Lens - Nikkor 28-70 f/2,8 (via Kipon Nikon G to Canon EF)

Filtration - LCW ND fader (no IR filtration)

Shot @ 4k, 24fps, 1/48, iso 320, f/2.8-5.6 (ish) RC 7:1 except for the last shot (3k HDRx 6 stops)

Edited and graded in REDCine X Beta 11, RC3,RG3 + FLUT, Alchemy & NO unsharp mask. 1/2 debayer, full debayer for the 3k shot, exported as PROres 422HQ @2k, encoded in MPEGstreamclip (x264 CRF 22 - 8.65 Mbps).

Please note: 1/2 debayer caused a bit of moire in the first shot, full debayer or even 1/2 debayer "premium" gets rid of it at the cost of encoding time - Premiere CS5.5 does a better job (speed-wise) at encoding (about 20fps @2k on a 2009 MacPro) but it doesn't (yet) support RC3. I just wanted to make clear that moire is not present in the R3D's.

© Riccardo Bertoni - 2012

For more info on the Scarlet-X and the RED Digital Cinema line-up, please visit

Giuseppe Tartini (April 1692 – 26 February 1770) CONCEPT

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Alenka Gotar & s.Sons - Phantom of the Opera

© Riccardo Bertoni
© Riccardo Bertoni

Sons - KJZDKJSS & Teaser Music Video

Artwork by Riccardo Bertoni

© Riccardo Bertoni

Link to the article on (in slovene) 

Full music video and short film coming in 2012...

Production: NoVa, November 2011
Shot and directed by Riccardo Bertoni
Edited by Riccardo Bertoni & Marko Zigon

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© Menart Records & Skupina Sons, 2011


As you may have noticed, it's been a long time since my last post... the reason behind it is the pre-production of documentary feature film I've been involved since 2009... At this stage (we start shooting this Friday) I still can't say much about it... I'll try to update this post as much as possible with BTS pictures and maybe short clips but we're on a tight schedule, so please don't take that as a promise...

Update - random screenshots:

Martina Klimić book

Nikon D300, Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.8, SB-28 & Walimex 90x60 softbox 

Nikon D300, Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.8, SB-28 & Walimex 90x60 softbox 

 Nikon D300, Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.8, SB-28 & Walimex 90x60 softbox 

 Nikon D300, Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.8, SB-28 & Walimex 90x60 softbox

  Nikon D300, Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.8, SB-28 & Walimex 90x60 softbox

Sons & Lea photoshoot

Front cover of National Geographic Traveler

A picture of the "mandracchio" in Piran (Slovenia),
shot last year, featured on the front cover of the September issue of National Geographic Traveler Magazine

Nikon D300, Nikkor 18-70 f/3.5-4.5

Portorož - Portorose

Nikon D40, 30s exposure, f/8.0 ISO200, af-s DX Nikkor 55-200mm @ 90mm